Last March, when Conner Edwards of Cedar Hill, Tennessee told his third-grade classmates he set a new record for the biggest silver carp in the state, they thought he was embellishing how big his fish really was. But when he was able to produce a certificate from the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency to prove it, he silenced his critics.

“I told my friends at school about the fish, and some of them didn’t believe me,” Edwards said. “Some of them saw it on Facebook and they believed me then, and some of them didn’t believe me until I showed them [the certificate from the TWRA declaring the fish a state record].”

According to a story from The Tennesseean, Edwards’ fish weighed 36 pounds, 13.9 ounces, was 39 ½ inches long – nearly as big as Edwards himself – and is the largest silver carp taken in the state by a method other than rod and reel. The fish bests the old state record of 36 pounds set in 2013.

Edwards said he was hunting at night with a bow he received for his eighth birthday when he saw the carp swimming about 20 feet away. He aimed and shot just before the fish was about to make a break.

“He had been jumping a lot, and I got him with my first shot,” Edwards said. “When we took it to the TWRA and found out it was a state record, it was the best feeling ever.”