Members of The Cajun Navy Cruise the Flooded Streets of Baton Rouge, courtesy of CBS News.

The Return of Louisiana’s Cajun Navy

Members of the Cajun Navy cruise the flooded streets of Baton Rouge.

The recent flooding in Louisiana has left, so far, 11 dead and 40,000 homes damaged. But now a group dubbed the Cajun Navy–a group of local hunters, fishermen, and boaters–have come to the aid of their neighbors near Baton Rouge, reports USA Today.

A crew also dubbed the Cajun Navy likewise came to the aid of folks during Katrina. In both cases, these are civilians using skills as outdoorsmen–cruising out into the floods in lifted trucks and jon boats–in order to save lives.

Warren Holmes, an Ascension Parish native, told ABC News that he has ventured out every day, rescuing people with the “ragtag Cajun Navy.” He said the “true Cajun Navy is the everyday Joe that had a boat at his house and then launched his boat at the side of the highway…We are a people that stick together, take care of our own.”