A 13-pound female black bear cub surprised shoppers at an Oregon Rite Aid last week, when it wandered through a door and down a few aisles. A cellphone video taken by shopper Robin Bishop shows the bear walking down the greeting card aisle, followed closely by a police officer, and then scampering past rows of mouthwash.

Television station KTLA says the bear reportedly wandered through the front doors of a nearby Super 8 motel before making its way into the drug store. Ashland police officers were eventually able to scoop the bear into a shopping basket and out of the store, but the rescue wasn’t filmed. It’s unclear what happened to the cub’s mother since there were no reports of a dead sow in the area.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said the PAWS Wildlife Center received the bear and will raise it with the goal of releasing it back into the wild in a year. Handlers at the facility said the bear was a little thin, possibly because it was born later than usual, but they will care for the bear without making human contact and feed it food it would find in the wild.