This campus __chase is far more interesting than any high-speed chase you might see. As KMOV reports, a buck recently bullied students through the halls of an Ohio college and gave one young man, Kenny Mitchell, a freshman at Mount St. Joseph University, quite a scare.

Surveillance footage shows the deer crash through a school window, scramble on the slick floor, and then find enough hold to start hoofing it. Multiple camera angles capture the deer floundering in the lunchroom and leaping over a hip-high wall.

The video also shows Mitchell diving for cover in a student recreation room with the deer hot on his tail. “You’re sitting inside at school playing pool, and all of a sudden, there’s a deer staring you down from, like, three feet away,” Mitchell says. “The only thing I’m thinking is, ‘Oh crap. Time to go.’”

Mitchell hurdled over a wall to hide, but the deer found him anyway. The footage ends with the deer ramming Mitchell in the back on a loading dock. The force of the blow sends Mitchell tumbling off the dock and left part of the deer’s antler in Mitchell’s hoodie. “It’s really a blessing that all that happened was the concussion and a few scratches on my back,” Mitchell says.

The buck ran away with one less tine on his rack, and Mitchell went to the hospital for an exam and a tetanus shot.