Video: Ice Sheet Crawls Onto Wyoming Lakeshore

This video, taken by officers with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, shows ice coming off Wyoming’s Lake DeSmet much faster than it usually does. It might be hard to tell from the clip, but high winds are pushing the top sheet of ice off the lake; you can hear the shards piling up on the bank like broken glass.

This is not an unheard of phenomenon, especially around the Great Lakes, but the footage is exceptional for its proximity.

Lake DeSmet Ice Moving -no music Here in Wyoming we are so used to hearing the wind we had several requests to post the Lake DeSmet ice video with full sound -wind and all! This video was captured by Buffalo Game Warden, Jim Seeman while he was out checking ice and lake conditions. Our wardens often check locations, especially if conditions may be hazardous, for public safety. Just the day before, a boater was forced to exit the other side of this lake because the ice (a sheet at the time) had moved and the boater couldn't get back to the dock. Learn more about the work of our game wardens here: you are interested in becoming a game warden, we are offering the game warden exam online for individuals interested in applying to be a game warden. The deadline to register for the exam is May 17, 2016. Learn more here: Posted by Wyoming Game and Fish Department on Saturday, March 19, 2016