In a video making the rounds on Facebook, it appears that two bull elk had gotten their racks locked together and tangled in some barbed wire before David Cullen, a Las Vegas Valley Water District worker, came across the animals several hundred yards from the highway. Cullen filmed a video as he walked up to the locked bulls—one living and one now dead—and a video of the rescue effort performed by wildlife officials, which he posted to his Facebook page. The latter video has been viewed more than 1 million times.

The clip shows an officer tugging the living elk’s antler free of the dead elk’s rack, while another officer clips the barbed wire. Once liberated, the bull stood up straight, appearing just a little off-balance, and then stared at the men for a moment before trotting away toward the road. “He looked at all of us as [if] to say thanks,” Cullen wrote in a comment on the video post. “I watched him for about 20 minutes, he crossed the highway safely, and really got his feet under him and was almost to the timber when I stopped watching.”

Post by David Cullen.