Video: Shark Almost Jumps Into Boat While Trying to Steal Angler’s Catch

One of the challenges of fishing in shark-infested waters is reeling in any other type of game fish before it’s picked apart. The sight of an easy meal writhing and struggling on the end of a line is sometimes too much for a toothy predator to resist. That’s exactly what a group of friends plying the waters around Bay of Islands, New Zealand recently learned when they couldn’t evade a small shark that nearly jumped into their boat in pursuit of a free lunch. Fortunately, someone on the boat filmed their experience and later posted it to YouTube.

In the clip, an angler with a rod propped against the boat’s railing is struggling to bring whatever is on the end of the line to the surface. Just as it seems he’ll win the battle, the rod goes limp and the cameraman lets out a despondent “oh no” at the sight of a half-eaten fish dangling from the hook. Two seconds later, a shark shoots up from the depths to finish the job, locks its jaws around the scraps dangling from the end of the line, and retreats, splashing (and scaring) everyone on board.