If you’re walking through the woods and a bear jumps out at you, what do you do? Do you run away? Climb the nearest tree? Or stand tall and scream loudly?

Swede Ralph Perrson chose the last option. According to Wide Open Spaces, Perrson and his wife were out walking their dog in the woods when a Eurasian bear surprised them, charging at Perrson. Instead of running away, Perrson yelled at the bear, spreading his arms and fingers wide and standing as tall as physically possible. The animal quickly decided that Perrson was a lot scarier than it expected and ran back into the woods.

Perrson and his wife had video cameras with them that documented the experience from two different views. Perrson had a camera actually on his body so the reaction of the bear is up close and personal. It seems Perrson was trying to shoot video of the bear when it charged him. This, of course, is an unwise thing to do, and Perrson should consider himself lucky to have avoided a mauling.