Shoppers at the Chai Wan Shopping Mall in Hong Kong got the surprise of their lives when a 55-pound wild boar fell through the ceiling of the Kingkov store over the weekend. While clueless shoppers milled about looking for bargains, workers at the store ran for cover.

The three-foot-long animal made its way into the children’s clothing shop and climbed above the store’s false ceiling before falling through. Ten police officers arrived but were unable to corner the boar immediately. The surprisingly agile boar knocked down mannequins and created general chaos before officers were able to restrain it, so that a vet could inject it with a tranquilizer, according to The Independent.

Once subdued, the animal was taken by Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department officers and returned to the wild. While boars are often spotted in the southern Chinese city, most stick to the surrounding forested hills. This incident was the second boar sited in the city that day.