YouTube “Moose Rider” Faces Criminal Charges

moose rider, jaysun pinkerton, bradley crook, conservation officer service, harassing wildlife
Authorities have identified the man who leapt onto a moose's neck.Wolftracker TV, via YouTube

The Conservation Officer Service of British Columbia believes that it has identified two of the men who filmed a notorious YouTube video of a man riding a swimming moose. The video sparked immediate outcry when it was posted last year, and on August 8, Bradley Crook and Jaysun Pinkerton, of Fort St. John, will appear in court to answer to three criminal charges stemming from the incident.

The video, which was posted last June to the Wolftracker TV YouTube channel, shows a shirtless man standing in the bow of a motorboat as it approaches a moose cow swimming across a lake. The boat bears down on the moose until the man is able to jump onto its neck. The men in the boat laugh and whoop, and the shirtless man rides the moose for ten seconds or so until the animal shakes him off. To date, the video has garnered more than two million views.

The COS was able to identify the location of the video as Tuchodi Lakes, near Fort Nelson. Based on the snowpack of the mountain, they believe the video was taken in the summer of 2014.

According to CTV News Vancouver, Crook and Pinkerton have been charged with "harassing wildlife with the use of a boat, attempting to capture wildlife, and hunting big game that is swimming."