$28.99-$33.99; Dexter1818.com.

New Dexter UR-Cut Filet Knife

The UR-Cut Filet Knife; $28.99–$33.99; Dexter1818.com

For nearly 200 years, Dexter has placed the finest cutlery in the hands of outdoorsmen. It would be difficult to improve upon its blade, but Dexter is making strides with its handle. The new UR-Cut filet knife was designed with a moldable grip, allowing users to personalize it to their hand for superior control.

The process is simple: You dip the handle into a pot of boiling water, quickly remove it and set it in cold water, and then squeeze. This should perfectly form the handle to your grip. The blade itself is constructed of DexSteel, a stainless, high-carbon steel. The UR-Cut is available in a 6-, 7-, and 8-inch flexible blade, and each is made in the USA.

HITS: The hit on this one is obvious—a personalized grip for your filet knife. At around $30 for any size, the price is right, too.

MISSES: You have one shot at making the right mold. It’s possible to screw this up, though it would be pretty hard to do if you just hold the handle naturally. There is also the question of whether two people can use the same knife. I held a knife molded by another person’s hand at ICAST, and, though not ideal, I wouldn’t have had an issue using it myself.

THE TAKEAWAY: The UR-Cut is a modestly priced, high-quality filet knife that an angler, hunter, or chef can make their own. Anyone who cuts fish and game, or needs a filet knife in the kitchen, would benefit from owning one.