New Gear, Foot Warmers, ThermaCell Heated Insoles, Michael R Shea

For the better part of two weeks, while I was snow goose hunting in upstate New York, the morning temperatures hung in the single digits. The blind floor was a sheet of ice that pulled body heat right out of my buddies’ boot soles. But my feet stayed warm thanks to the latest version of ThermaCELL’s Heated Insoles. Unlike chemical warmers and heated boots, which can make your feet feel downright tropical, these remote-controlled insoles never get above 111 degrees, which kept my feet warm but never overheated.

Fits women’s shoe size 4.5 to men’s 13
Three temperature settings: no heat, medium (100 degrees), and high (111 degrees)
5-hour battery life, on medium (according to manufacturer)
Battery recharges in less than 4 hours.

Even on the highest setting, your feet don’t overheat or get sweaty. The insoles fit well in a variety of lace-up and rubber boots. With my size-10 foot, I didn’t need to trim them to fit.

Battery life. ThermaCell says they’ll run for 5 hours on medium heat, but during those single-digit days in the goose blind, medium was almost imperceptible. I got about 2 hours on high. Also, they’re not cheap.

The Bottom Line

ThermaCELL’s heated insoles work by keeping your foot at a neutral temperature, which is a huge improvement over many other options on the market. If you’re a 2-hour treestand hunter, or if you just need some extra warmth during the coldest stretch of the hunt, they work well. But don’t expect to get continuous heat for the full duration of a long, cold hunt. You don’t need to worry about your feet getting too hot, and sweaty, and then eventually very, very cold, which is a big, cozy step in the right direction.