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Last year during a fishing vacation to Lake St. Clair, I got a lesson from my guide on targeting open-water muskies that roam the depths chasing schools of baitfish. I also got a sneak peek at the new Pegasus from Chaos Tackle, and I quickly added it to my arsenal back East. On a difficult fall day when I couldn’t find any muskies holding on the usual structure, I decided to make use of my St. Clair lesson and see if I could pull a fish off the huge schools of bait I was marking in 35 feet of water.

I started jigging the Pegasus, and within a half hour there was a musky on the line. The fish came came unglued at the surface, but it was a successful test for the lure. In a day and age when every new bait claims to be innovative and versatile, the Pegasus actually lives up to the hype.

Size: 6.75″
Weight: 5.5 oz.
Body: Saltwater-grade plastic
Hooks: Two 3/0 trebles
Available Colors: 10
Additional Features: Internal rattles and thru-wire construction

The Pegasus is a truly versatile bait with a ton of upsides. Great for jigging deep, it can also be cast to weedlines or school of bait up to 20-feet deep and trolled to speeds up to 6mph. It’s a super-easy bait to use and as a result will catch fish novice or seasoned musky anglers.

This is obviously not the bait for targeting thick vegetation.

The Bottom Line
With its multitude of uses and reasonable price tag (for its type), there’s really no reason every musky angler shouldn’t have a Pegausus in their box. On a tough day it can be the difference between a Kodak moment and a skunk.