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In Washington, the problem was 100 widgeon feeding in 8 inches of water in the middle of a flooded greenfield. The closest cover was 100 yards away. In Iowa, it was pretty much the same: 200 greenwings paddling through smartweed in 6 inches of water, and 300 feet from anything to hide behind. In both places, an impromptu willow blind would have stuck out like a Styrofoam cup in a coal bucket; permanent blind wasn’t an option; and I don’t cotton to hunting from wet layout blinds anymore.

In both cases, the solution was Momarsh’s new Invisilay blind.

The Invisilay is like a traditional portable layout blind—but on stilts. In a dry-field situation, leave the legs folded under, stubble her up, and you’re ready for honkers. But if you got 6 or 12 inches inches of water, just swing the three sets of legs into position, telescope, lock the feet, get her solid, and you’re ready to fill a duck strap. They’ll never know what hit them.


23 lbs.

Legs adjustable from 10 to 16 inches

Adjustable padded shoulder straps

86” overall length; 32” width

18” profile height; 47” door length

Realtree MAX-5 camo


The fact that this blind lets you hunt formerly inaccessible shallow water from flat on your back while being both fully concealed and dry is huge. And the telescoping legs make the blind quite versatile.

While on your back, the lower support bar hits you right about in the kidneys, which rates somewhere between uncomfortable and painful. But 18 inches of 1-inch pipe insulation and a couple zip-ties solves the problem for about $1.

The Bottom Line
The Invisilay is the answer for any waterfowler who’s ever looked at rafts of puddlers tipping up in pasture sheet water and thought, How do I hide out there? It’ll open up hotspots that you could even get close to before.