Field & Stream’s ever-so-stylish Kristyn Brady flagged this photo by Marcio Madeira of model Kim Noorda walking the runway in designer Giles’ Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear collection..look closely and you’ll notice the print features classic fishing flies. Now I’m no slave to fashion, but I will tell you that the three or four times a year I wear a necktie, it features flies. In fact, it’s usually a pretty safe bet at the holidays that I’ll be given something for my wardrobe that features the fly motif… a safe bet for my family, it seems.

How about you? Are you the designated fly-wearin’ guy/gal? What is the wackiest fly-themed article of clothing you’ve ever gotten, and worn?

I don’t know, this might be the magic the fly industry needs to boost the sport’s popularity. Skinny supermodels wearing Green-Butt Skunks and Silver Doctors…

Nah, nevermind. I think my wife looks plenty hot in a pair of Gore- Tex waders.