We’ve finally gotten around to picking the caption contest winner to the photo you see here. There were a ton of hilarious responses – 158 to be exact. We went with a winner that was simple, to the point and hilarious in our opinion. The winner this time around was unclelee who wrote, “Dude, it’s still ringing.” Unclelee send an email to with your real name and address and we’ll mail out that Rio brand 6wt carp fly line.

I thought I’d share some of the funnier ones we were contemplating as well.

“I just need two more beavers to finish that coat.”

“I sure hope this goes better than the Snipe hunt the guys took me on last week…

“Due to all the federal cut backs, state cut backs etc, etc, the annual polar bear plunge just wasnt like it used to be.”

“Hold my beer and watch this.”

“… and you say they only bite if you wiggle your what?”

Thanks for participating and look out for the next caption contest coming soon.