I look forward to Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekends every year, and by the time they’re over, I question what it was I was so excited about. Yeah, it’s three solid days of fishing, but with the likes of the dude in the photo below (no I didn’t take the picture but it gets the point across).


It’s as if a long weekend is an open invitation for the most unsafe, common sense-lacking people with a watercraft and throttle apparently stuck in the open position to take to the bays, lakes, and rivers of the country. Their behavior, of course, is usually further altered by malt beverages of some sort. So let’s have some fun today. You’ve heard of “you might be a redneck if…” I’m changing that to “you know it’s summer when…” Here are some examples:

You know it’s summer when every flounder drift is accompanied by a Lynrd Skynrd track or club music from another boat.

You know it’s summer when more than five guys who happen to be urinating on the river bank ask you what you caught as you drift by.

You know it’s summer when trolling is more likely to hook the jet skiers or water skiers jumping your wake than a fish.

You guys give it a try. Anyone see any shenanigans of note this weekend? – JC