I don’t have a problem with fishing near people I don’t know. Crowded rivers don’t really bother me. Not my first choice, for sure, but I like to make a game out of busy situations, and see if I can hook fish that someone else has passed over and missed. I also like sitting and watching other anglers… sometimes you pick up on tricks that way. When a river is a total zoo, with 50 drift boats jockeying for position, that kills the buzz, I will agree. But I just don’t let it bother me much.


I have a lot of friends, however, whose skin starts to crawl at the sight of another car in the lot of a public park. Wading upstream, an encounter with another angler will cause them to slump and sulk…

There is, of course, a simple solution for all that.

Walk. Far.

In my mind, there are 1,000 times more “complainers about crowded rivers” than there are anglers who will walk to find open space.

And when you do find a little stream in a setting like the one in the photo, it almost doesn’t matter at all if you catch fish. Well, almost…