We’ve neglected to post a contest for a while here on the Honest Angler, and a day of largemouth fishing this week sparked an idea for a dandy one. That’s my thumb after said fishing day. And when it looks like someone took heavy-grit sandpaper to your thumb, any bass angler out there knows what kind of day it’s been. I can think of a few other signs of a good day on the water.


For example: You know it’s been a good day of…

Striper fishing when there’s nothing left in the eel cooler but an inch of slime.

Trout fishing when you’re just content to sit and watch fish rise without making another cast.

Tuna fishing when you need ice skates to stay upright on the bloody deck.

Crappie fishing when you worry there’s not enough hot sauce in the neighborhood to cover all these fillets.

I’m sure you guys and gals can come up with many more. Only rule is that you have to make it species-specific like I did above. I’ll send a care package of lures I’ve got hanging around to the one that best captures a great day of fishing. Get creative. Make them long, short, funny, die-hard serious…anything goes. I’ll pick a winner Tuedsay the 14th – JC