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The reason there’s no giant rainbow trout photo here, and instead a video on how to tie a double surgeon’s knot is simple:

Because I was too lazy yesterday to tie an extra double surgeon’s knot (which takes about 15 seconds), so the 20-plus inch rainbow trout that ate my grasshopper fly along the river bank, broke me clean off.

I was stupid, and thought that I could splice a new strand of 4X tippet straight onto a shortened leader, that had to be about 2X in diameter. The result was an awkward, mismatched knot, that broke easily. The lesson: Step down in tippet sizes. Instead of going from 2x to 4X, take the time to tie on a strand of 3X in the middle.

The transition tippet can spell the difference between success and failure, especially when you tangle with big fish.