Here’s a beautiful rainbow trout photo sent from my buddy Rodrigo Salles, straight from Rio. And I don’t mean “rio,” as in the Spanish word for river. “Rods” is talking about Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Apparently, Brazil not only offers samba, pretty girls and soccer, but wild rainbow trout as well.


One wild trout stream can be found in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro state, called Macae de Cima. The trout here here were introduced Danish settlers nearly 100 years ago. Rodrigo says: “The Macae de Cima creek is a mountain stream that has cold and constant flows during all year round. Dry fly techniques and nymphing fit perfectly with the environment. Considering that the stream is covered by a wonderful and dense jungle, we recommend short length rods. Perfect outfits are 2-4 weights. Mayflies, Caddis and some attractors are excellent patterns.”

Now, I’m gonna volunteer to “take one for the team here,” but I’ll need your support.

I think I can get a killer South American adventure fishing story (as I have in the past, fishing with Rodrigo and my Untamed Angling friends, both in Bolivia and the tip of Tierra del Fuego. As a bonus, I think I can mix in a visit to Copacabana beach, and come back with the best “Fish Babes” Photo Gallery ever. It’d be a tough job… but I’m willing to give it my best.

If you’ll help me convince the editors why this story must happen (via the comment thread below) I would be most grateful.