Here’s one from the “Only in Jersey” files in this story on
A Jersey City man reeled in a semiautomatic handgun from the Hudson River while fishing at Exchange Place Wednesday, and city and county law enforcement are trying to determine if it is connected to any crimes, officials said. The 71-year-old Hudson Street man told police he was fishing at Grundy Pier at the foot of Montgomery Street when he reeled in the silver, .32 caliber handgun, reports said. __

The fisherman carried the gun to the nearby Hyatt Hotel, where a doorman told him to drop the weapon, reports said.

The senior complied and went back to fishing. Police say the recovered gun was partially covered with duct tape and had barnacles on it. They also interviewed the fisherman, using his son as an interpreter because he speaks only Chinese, reports said. Yesterday, Hudson County First Assistant Prosecutor Guy Gregory said his office and the Jersey City Police Department are investigating.

Only a .32? This guy was obviously using too small a bait. Cermele’s a Jersey boy, maybe he could do a Hook Shots on the most effective tactics to snag illicit firearms out of New Jersey-New York area waterways. I’d watch that.