Dear Winter,
You know, I’ve never really had a problem with you before. We’ve gotten along fine. I actually enjoy cold season trout fishing, walleye jigging, and cod fishing. But this year, every time it looks like my rivers are going to thaw a bit, the seas will be calm, or it’s a good time to take a road trip up north, you come swooping in and ruin everything.


Thanks to all the ice you dumped in the Northeast last night, I’ve just cancelled a weekend walleye quest on the Delaware. Not cool. Plus, you put a 1/2-inch ice sheet over 15 inches of snow and now watching the dog try to walk on it is both comical and pathetic.

And let’s not forget what you did to all my friends in the Midwest yesterday. I’m sure that little show put a damper on some ice fishing trips, steelhead pursuits, Internet connections, and, umm, ability to leave the house for any reason. I’m not saying I hate you and can’t wait for spring, but just settle down a tad. There’s fun to be had when you’re around, but can I get one week without some snow or ice?