One of our frequent posters (buckhunter) on Flytalk would like to start a fly swap. We think it’s a great idea. In his own words, here is how it works.

“The first 12 people to sign up will tie a dozen of their favorite trout flies and mail them to me with a self addressed stamped package. I will return to each person one fly from each others dozen. It is a good way to trade patterns and ideas. After we get 12 people aboard I will post my name and address. To keep it simple the pattern will simply be “trout fly”. Wet, dry or nymph you make the call.”

I do believe that he’s received enough people to kick this thing off, but the more the merrier. To get the full scoop visit the fly swap message board – here. If trout aren’t your bag, get a bass swap going or a saltwater swap going. Heck, while you’re at it tie up an extra and send it to me. 😉 Just please don’t make it like that hideous worm ball pictured above.

Oh, and FYI – Field & Stream will not referee disagreements in any fly swap from here on out. You’re all big boys and girls and will have to figure that out yourselves.

This product is for educational purposes only. Any resemblance to previously tied flies, living or dead is purely coincidental. Void where prohibited.Some assembly might be required. Batteries not included.

Have fun,