Come on admit it… We’ve all done it. Whether its a crappy urban pond full of bluegills or your favorite stretch of river full of hungry trout – you must have at some point been bored to tears with either the fishing or the company you were keeping. Many times it’s both. It’s at these situations when I’m liable to wander off and root around for any unfortunate terrestrial that happens to be at arms length. Friends and family typically are appalled when…

…I quickly rip a wing or leg off (as to keep the little critter from getting away) and slowly walk back to the waters edge, looking for any hungry fish.

This little video episode was particularly funny as my wife’s whole family was in on the action a couple of weeks ago in upstate NY. We were throwing grasshoppers at little bluegills when we noticed a very large brown trout lurking deep underneath them. That’s when I brought out the camera. Pardon the wide lens – it was all I had at the time, but pay particular attention at second number 11 as he moves in for an eyeball and the 40 second mark for the kill…

So who’s gonna admit it? What other demented people in the Flytalk nation do this sort of thing. Anybody do this on a larger scale – like with sharks?