We’re going to start this week with–what should in time become regular updates for Tie Talk–a hand picked selection from my friend and founder Joe Mathis.

This week, Joe picked a fly that in my opinion, all trout fisherman should have in their box at all times: The Stimulator. This specific submission to was submitted by Juan Ramirez, a guide and tying instructor here in Colorado.

Juan’s keen insights and notes on the “Stimi” are below. Click here to see the step-by-step instructions and tying steps with photos.

_”The Stimulator is one of my favorite flies to tie and to fish. Year after year, I find a “Stimi” tied to the end of my fly line, usually while I am on some pocket water or a small to medium sized stream. It works well in a hopper/dropper set up, usually holding up a BH Prince Nymph or BH Pheasant Tail.

Over the years, there has been many “additions” to this fly, but I generally prefer the “standard” or original style. I have plenty of these tied with legs and overwings stashed in my boxes, but I find the original style usually works just fine.

As for colors, the orange/yellow body and yellow/orange body is a great start, but don’t forget to try these in a peacock style or a golden tan color for both Caddis and Golden Stoneflies.

I think if I had only one choice to carry a dry fly for the rest of my fly fishing days, I would have trouble making a case for not picking this pattern. It covers the Caddis, Golden Stones, Salmonflies, Hoppers, Yellow Sallys and a few others here and there so well, the fish can’t resist it.

The following pattern is how I like to tie my Stimulators. A well tied pattern will last for many fish and makes for a more enjoyable day on the stream not having to change flies so many times. I don’t mind changing out flies after a fish has chewed it to shreds, I just prefer that I don’t have to do it after 3 fish.”