This week you can ad another pattern to your fly tying arsenal from called the Hopper Juan. The summer’s already heating up and the hoppers are already making an appearance in many states. The tier and creator of the bug, Juan Ramirez says this about his grasshopper pattern.

The Hopper Juan was created in a desire to have a highly visible hopper pattern that covered a few criteria of mine: First, I wanted a pattern that I could call my own. I didn’t want to copy something already out there. Second, it had to look nice. I wanted to create a pattern that was simple and attractive, a reflection of my tying style.

Third, it had to float well and be able to hold up a nice chunk of iron and tungsten. Fourth, it had to be high-viz for my clients that have trouble seeing a small duck on the water, and lastly, it had to catch fish and be durable enough to catch a bunch of them.

You can purchase the fly at your favorite fly shop or follow these instructions and tie it yourself.