Last week’s caption contest for a pair of Redington Sonic-Pro Wader pants proved to be one of our most popular yet in terms of participation, with 355 entries. There were many great entries as you could have imagined. My favorite though came from Brian Kozminski who wrote: “It was truly a shame. Rocky had a great double haul and roll-cast, could tie a pheasant tail and hare’s ears with the best of em. Unfortunately, the on-line bullying from Facebookers about his prominent incisors brought him to his end.”

Brain, send me an email to with your wader size and I’ll get them sent right out. Congrats!

Here are some of my other favorites:

From MaxPower: “Fly fisherman’s justice. Snack rustling will not be tolerated.”

From orangeeagle: “See bro I told you that acorn pattern would work.”

From small game sportsman: “this is nuts.”

From Greenhead: “Did you try using more floatant?”

From sgtsly: “A little krystal flash and marabou to make it breathe, and I think you might be on to something.”
“He fell for Galloup’s Crippled Round Acorn Pattern, hereafter refered to as CRAP.”

From peppeli: “So frustrated with his inability to match the hatch, a dry fly purist cracked as he decided to tie on a dropper.”

From kansasjeff: “City Angler: I think I’m gonna lose my lunch. Country Angler: Well, I think I just found mine.”

From mnobles23: “Must have seen Deeter in that thong…”

From Lindsay Rowland: “And while the anglers were distracted by the mysterious, suspended rodent, the steelhead made their run…as planned.”

From FLY FISHIN FREDDIE: “You know Ed, that seems a little severe… he was just sleeping in your waders.”

From holtbos: “Jake had the biggest catch of the day, he caught it on the back cast.”