Strolling the isles of the Outdoor Retailer trade show last week, I stopped to see the good folks at the Orvis booth and say hello. Almost immediately I was introduced to two young brothers around 15 or 16 years old named A.J. and Jace Garcia. They were in the booth talking to people, playing with gear and generally just having a good time. Turns out AJ and Jace are twin brothers that fish, hunt, and love being outdoors. They love it so much they started a program called Twin Territory at local sports shows and around their state home state of Utah to try to get kids off the couch and into the outdoors any way they can.

What these guys are doing is cool. Bring the twins video games, iPads, laptops or other video game consoles and they will in turn give you some type of outdoor gear. This could be rods, reels, fishing vests, and etc. They do this with the help of partners like Orvis, International Sportsmen’s Expo, and a number of other supporters.

This is what the two had to say about what they do: “Twin Territory is all about getting into the outdoors. We won’t deny it, we like video games. . . but we love being outside, in nature, I guess you could say. This is where real life is and memories are made. We want to get all of our friends out there off of the couch and having real life fun outside in ‘OUR territory! We’ll share . . . it can be yours too.”

We need more people like A.J and Jace doing this type of thing. In fact, if anyone out there has access to a cloning facility I say we whip up a batch of a couple million Garcia brothers…

In all seriousness, visit if you’d like to learn more or help the twins out.