I kinda figured that the responses from our last caption contest would have a bathroom humor slant. Honestly, I was hoping for it, as my humor hasn’t quite caught up to my age. Which is either a very good or a very bad thing…

Regardless, there were a multitude of hilarious responses, many of which made me lough out loud and many I don’t dare repost here. But in the end, I had to give the Fishpond Encampment Lumbar Pack to fptalbert, who seems to be an angler that does a fair share of hard-water fishing. fptalbert wrote, “…and yet the age old debate of which provides better support continues, boxers or briefs?” wins our prize this week. fptalbert, give us a holler at and we’ll get you taken care of.


Some of the others that gave me a chuckle are posted below:

from buckhunter, who wrote: “Only a matter of time before the gas powered fishing rod hit the market.”

from Shellcracker, who wrote: “After years of careful practice, the attuned angler has mastered the art of timing the “Hook Set Clinch” perfectly.”

from maynardtl8, who wrote: “I use the front rod for panfish, and I use the back rod for brown trout.”

from elkslayer, who wrote: “Wait until you see how he reels it.”

from razorhollow, who wrote: “Try as he might, Steve never quite seemed to master the stink bait technique.”

from dusty ice, who wrote: “It’s not the fanciest tip up, but the flag seems to be in a less than ideal location”

from woodpecker, who wrote: “Well I guess I’ll just have to be honest and tell Herb his “battery operated heated handle jig pole” Stinks.”

from filt007, who wrote: “This Field & Stream ice fishing tip of the week was sent in by Phil McCracken.”

from asrenstrom, who wrote: “Jimmy has gotten pretty anal about his pole selection lately…”

from marceaton, who wrote: “There’s more than one way to keep your butt warm while ice fishing….rod butt that is”

from Sven_Katur, who wrote: “And all this time I thought Bottom Fishing referred to the positioning of the LINE”

from Fruguy101, who wrote: “Extreme Crappie Fishing”

from Douzie, who wrote: “He took the comment literally when his friend said, “I bet your dumb-ass couldn’t catch a single fish!”