The lucky winners of this contest won this Cabela's Guidewear Coolcore shirt.. Cabela's

We’re going to keep this short and sweet. The winners of the Cabela’s shirts who best summed up why fishing is “cool” in one sentence are…

ADeaver, who wrote, “Fishing is cool because in one sport, there are thousands of variables and extreme differences, but then it is all profoundly the same.

Buckhunter, who penned, “Fishing is cool because you can’t do it with the TV on.”

Though I also liked, “Fly fishing is so cool Chuck Norris once sent Kirk Deeter an apology note for mistaking an Ephemerella Invaria for an Ephemerella Subvaria.” I get those notes all the time.

Smccardell, who wrote, “Fishing is cool because it is something that I get to teach and share with my children and eventually my children’s children.”

Calsdadhunting didn’t win but his four-year-old granddaughter did, with, “Fishing is cool because fish swim in water, and the water is cool.” I think this works on a number of very honest levels.

We will contact you, and Cabela’s will send the sizes you choose directly. Well done.