This past weekend I felt horrible. I’d been battling a head cold for about a week. It wasn’t exactly making me lay in bed, but it wasn’t very fun either. I’d been feeling sorry for myself until this Sunday, when I said screw it and went on a 10-mile hike with my wife to fish a high alpine lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. You know what? It made me feel a lot better.

It was a bit trying at first, but after the first mile or two I simply forgot I was sick and was really looking forward catching big wild trout at 10,500 feet surrounded by some of the most beautiful peaks in the United States. The day did not disappoint.

It reminded me of this video that was sent by a friend last week. It spoofs those absurd commercials by huge drug companies hawking fixes to ailments that really shouldn’t exist. It’s a hilarious video.

“Are you feeling tired, irritable, or stressed out? Well you might consider… Nature. A non-harmful medication that’s shown to relieve the crippling symptoms of modern life.”