Billboard Makes Cringeworthy Angling Mistake

The Ravalli Republic recently pointed out this lame attempt to lure tourists to the Bitterroot Valley.

What's lame about it? Well, the Ravalli Country Business Improvement District spent money on this billboard outside of Lolo to promote the Bitterroot valley and river. Apparently, though, no one in charge of the project fishes, because the billboard features a fly angler with a hard bait at the end of his line and a jumping largemouth bass. I guess no one told the Improvement District that folks come to Montana and the Bitterroot to fish for trout, not bass. Now, I’m all about bass fishing—just not in the Bitterroot. Better luck next time, Ravalli County Tourism Improvement District.

You can see a higher-res photo below.

Did you spot their mistake? Posted by Ravalli Republic on Saturday, March 12, 2016

Photograph via Kate Davis/Facebook