Last weeks caption contest had a ton of entries making the picking of a winner a bit difficult, but I’ve finally settled on one.

It was a tough decision, but bjerk1 who wrote, “Today’s advanced fishing techniques are well over Charlie’s head.” did it for me. Short, simply and to the point. bjerk1, congrats! Send me an email with contact info to and I’ll get your stuff put in the mail.

Below were some of my favorite captions and all in contention for winning.

from -Bob who wrote, “Another diehard ice fishermen working the preseason…”

from Redhawk who wrote,”You can’t catch ’em if you can’t see ‘em.”

from Kris Saeger who wrote,”‘I swear I dropped the anchor right here”

from Jake_PA who wrote,”Don’t mind Charlie, he’s just doing some sight fishing.”

from Brad Jenson who wrote, “(There once was a man from Nantucket)
There once was a man under water, who brought all his fish home to slaughter, tho his boat was missin, he kept on-a fishin, and when he hooked a fish, said I GOT-HER!!”

from Bobby Daniel, “Thought you said you could walk on water.”

from chris casey who wrote, “Yep, that drop off is right about….here!”

from William Winkel Jr. who wrote, “Extreme Sight Fishing!”

from dk123.white who wrote “Man…if it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!”

from KyleH0222 who wrote, “Charlie, it was just a Budweiser, now get back in the dang boat.”