The brand new, redesigned Cabela’s WLxII fly reel will go to…

Buckhunter, of course.

“There once was a guide named Deeter.
Who had a prick of a client named Peter
Along came a bear
And Deeter was nowhere
Peter’s rod now belongs to the bear.”

Poetry almost always wins. The use of “Deeter” without vulgar insults is a plus. Buckhunter obviously knows how I feel about obnoxious clients on guide trips. And perhaps most importantly, I don’t feel bad heaping more good things on Buckhunter anymore (after OSU won the national title) anymore, because now the world knows that the greatest quarterback in the history of football is a Michigan Wolverine.

Buckhunter, I know you’ve shunned some prizes in the past, but this is a killer reel, and I want you to test it out. Cabela’s will send it to you directly if you remind me of your address with an email (you know how to get me).