We have a winner folks! As usual there were a ton of entries to last week’s caption contest. Some of my favorites are below, but I’m going to have to award the Spy Glasses to cTXn who wrote: “I call it a Cutty-Rain-Brown-Triploid-Parachute-Hopper-Dropper.” Congrats cTXn! Hit me up at and I’ll get you your new shades.

Here are some of the other “almost” winners…

From sgtsly: “I’m not sure that classifies as ‘one fly.’ ”

From sgtsly: “Some droppers don’t drop so much.”

from carpflyguy: “Wow! Tying on this big attractor dry sure was a game changer!”

From MikePelley13: “Told ya I never get skunked!”

From GoingCoastal: “Say hello to my little friend!”

From agsfield: “Fishing with Spy’s new Happy Lens sunglass technology, Roger shows off another 16-inch rainbow.”

From northlander73: “Artificial flies work best for artificial fish.”

Thank you to all who participated!