costa contest

Holy smokes, you all killed it with the last caption contest! There were more than 300 entries to try and win any pair of Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, and they were fuuh-ny! One of the best to date, I’d have to say… I was laughing out loud for a lot of it. The choices were tough and some of my favorites are below, but, in the end, I had to give it to ccandwater, who wrote, “You said we were going fishing, not visiting my mother-in-law!” Congrats ccandwater, hit me up at with your contact info and I’ll get your special Costa gift card mailed asap.

Here are some of the others that had me rolling:

from cflott who wrote, “this is how you catch a spe”lunker”

from clayscottellis who wrote, “The guide told me the fish were held up in the deep holes.”

from fishinrima84 who wrote, “I immediately regretted hiring a fishing guide through craigslist as we entered the cave and he quoted deliverance for the third time.”

from Dougfir who wrote, “And you laughed when I bought that 4.5 foot 6 weight. Who’s laughing now?!”

from Pray- hunt-work who wrote, “Fishing with Tim. Sun block optional, rabies shot recommended.”

from hoganm who wrote, “To avoid the ire of his wife, Tim was forced to take his fishing excursions… underground”

from mooseking22 who wrote, “Wow, this trip is off to a rocky start”

from Dougfir who wrote “I hope you can throw a REALLY tight loop…”

from Buckshott00 who wrote, “Underground…under fished”

from Pray- hunt-work who wrote, “You might say your guide “caved” in to peer pressure.

from guyandarifle who wrote, “It’s a niche fly for sure but when you need a Guano Midge nothing else will do.”

from guyandarifle who wrote,

“Intrepid were the anglers as they slipped into the gloom
Stalagmites surging from below, above stalactites loom

Foul creatures did surround the pair, on leathered wings they’d flit
But the men were not discouraged by these beasties or their…guano

Confident they sallied forth to taste sweet victry’s sugar
The carried midge, they carried nymph and even wooly bugger

But woe the sounds they made within, there was no victor’s song
Instead was heard within the cave “My #$*&%#* rod’s too long!”