Our recent caption contest produced some hilarious results, and after much deliberation, I have to give it to -Bob, who wrote, “…The Claw…it has chosen…!” -Bob must know the long, long history of inside jokes from the movie Toy Story in my life, or that I have a four-year-old and just shared the film with her for the first time. Hilarious, -Bob! For the penning the winning quip, he’ll be scooping up a UV Bug Slinger Buff, a Stanley Classic Wide Mouth Flask, a signed copy of Geoff Mueller’s book “What a Trout Sees,” and a Stanley vacuum-insulated Cold Pint.

Here are a few other honorable mentions that had me rolling this morning. And you can see the full image below.

from daveyn: “I said keep an ‘eye out for Kodiaks’ not ‘fly in a Zodiac.'”

from Herk1234: “My belief in ‘Raftcomedownfromtheskyandsaveusism’ has finally paid off!”

from bryan rhoads: “Well, that’s uplifting.”

from airbornedoc: “All hail the mighty whirly-bird thingy in the sky who brings us goodies.”

from sgtsly: “But if we put it down here we’ll have to paddle all the way back.”

from po2p7so: “Because kite fishing is so last year.”

from L F: “So that’s what the emergency button on a GPS is for!”

from Castnblast: “Amazon in the Yukon, doing delivery by drone now.”

from TCS: “Soooo do you still think anchoring your raft to that random cable on the beach was a good idea?”

from KC Angler: “This photo of a UFRO (Unidentified Flying Raft-Like Object) is an obvious fake! You can clearly see the rope.”