I almost forgot to name a winner from our caption contest from a couple weeks ago and the winner of a both a 6-wt. SharkWave Siege and a 5-wt. Frequency Boost fly line from the company.

After a bit of deliberation I’ve decided to give it to wittsec who wrote, “This should be enough to get me up on skis!!”

Wittsec hit me up at and I’ll get your lines sent right out!

Some of my other favorites are below.

from PA_hunt_fish_2013 who wrote,”Dry, dropper, dynamite…”

from sg72 who wrote,”One fish, two fish, three fish, four. Oh no, one must have slipped out the door.”

from UnclePezz who wrote,”First one to spawn….On Your Marks, Get Set, Go!!!”

from Herk1234 who wrote,”There’s dumb, dumb and dumber!!!”

from gbrake who wrote,”Pick a fish! Any fish.”

from airbornedoc who wrote,”Though biologists are alarmed by invasive species like the Snakehead and the Asian Carp, they have remained silent on the issue of the Siamese Trout.”

from wittsec who wrote,”This little fishy went to market, this little fishy……”