By goal, I mean is there some body of water that you want to see every inch of? Some river system that you’d love to see every mile of? Perhaps it’s simply mapping the contours of your local bass pond… I only have one that I’ve pursued with any kind of real vigor. I talk about others from time to time, but they never happen or are simply unrealistic.

A couple of weeks ago my wife Ellie and I fished Black lake high up in Rocky Mountain National Park. That’s Ellie in the photo laying on that rock resting after our long hike. You can see her if you squint really hard. It was our 21st lake together and the first one we’ve done in quite a while. Depending on what you consider a lake and who the source is, there are somewhere between 65 and 70 lakes that hold trout in the park. We decided some years ago that we should try to fish every single one of those – as we love hiking to these high alpine lakes for the day and trying to catch the wild fish that live there. Rocky Mountain is only 45 minutes from our house but some of the lakes can take over a day to hike to and serious backcountry camping gear is a must. The rules are simple to accomplish our feat. We have to be together, the lake has to be in Rocky Mountain National Park, there are no time limits set on when we get this done. It could be five years or 50, and we don’t have to catch fish to make it count. We simply have to wet a line and make an effort.

Curious if there are any other fun fishing goals out there? I’d love to hear them if so.