I picked up my new Boulder Boat Works drift boat last week. It is indeed the ultimate floating chariot.

And now it has the perfect name. There were many, many great options to choose from. So many, in fact, you should check out the list and save some of these options for your own watercraft. “The Enterprise,” of course seems like a natural for Captain Kirk (nice, fezzant, you’ll get a conso. prize), and I’m sure that will at least be the dory’s nickname. As a writer, I like the “rocks and words” play on the Norman Maclean classic ending to A River Runs Through It. Hopefully, as I’m thinking up stories, the words will always remain gliding over the rocks.

But I’m going to name her “Fred’s Fault” as iwfeeney suggests. Now, admittedly, that’s a little inside baseball, as Fred was my late father-in-law, who really got me going in fly fishing. In fact, I truly believe I wasn’t going to make the cut with his daughter (now my wife of 25 years) unless I was into this stuff. He just didn’t know what a monster he was creating. And I often joked to him that I would have been a doctor, or some captain of industry, had he not gotten me sidetracked in this whole fly-fishing thing. Today, I couldn’t be more thankful. That story has been out there in some of the stuff I’ve written, so the winner and I either know each other already, or he/she deserves the trip even more for the deep digging. A win-win. Hit me at, and we’ll line it up for after the runoff.

Best of all, the name works beautifully. Case in point, as I was writing the check with my wife, Sarah, at my side the other day, I just looked over at her and said, “Well, it’s your dad’s fault.”

She rolled her eyes, but agreed that “Fred’s Fault” is a perfect name.

I wonder if I can name a bamboo rod that also…