You know you have the spring fishing “itch” bad when you take a 6-hour drive (through the spine of the Rockies, down one of the most congested crappy stretches of highways in the state), camp through the night with temps below 25 degrees, and don’t even care if you catch fish. You know you’ve got the itch bad when you don’t care if the fish think what you’re throwing is even slightly close to what they want to eat. When rowing a boat is enough. When drinking whisky out of a plastic cup that had coffee in it that morning and a little grit mixed in later in the day tastes like heaven.

Our scratching took place on one of the most gorgeous river stretches in the West a couple of weeks ago, and it has made all the difference.

We floated the B and C sections of the Green River near Dutch John, Utah. If you’re ever in the area, do yourself a favor and look up the good folks at or Green River Uber guide Charlie Card at

Enjoy the images. (More on fishing the Green River: John Merwin Fishes America’s Best Tailwater — Utah’s Green River)