Consumer research by many companies in fly fishing shows that two things stand as the main obstacles to people getting into the sport: casting and knots.

Fortunately, RIO Products has shortened the learning curve on the latter by producing a series of videos that simplify the knot-tying process. All you need to know when it comes to knots for fly fishing are right here.

Three fly fishing loop knots; how to tie them and how to join them from RIO Products on Vimeo.

Choosing the right tippet material
Fly-to-Tippet Knots
Tippet-to-Leader Knots
Loop Knots
“Other” Knots

I don’t use a lot of different knots when I fish. A nail knot to connect fly line to leader. Double surgeon’s to connect leader to tippet. Improved clinch when tying on flies. When I fish streamers or saltwater flies I tie my flies on with a loop knot the late Jose Wejebe showed me while we were sitting in a booth in a trade show. I forget what it’s called.

Some people care more about knot strength than I do. What I care most about is speed. How fast can I tie them? I suppose everyone is different in that regard.

One bit of inside baseball… I can tell you already that some of the biggest “techno” advances to be unveiled this year at the trade shows—much of the hot new product news—is going to revolve around tippet and leader materials. Just wait and see.