It’s Friday, so let’s give some good stuff away. I’m the judge for Romano’s and my recent caption contests and the goodies will be awarded as follows.

The limited edition, autographed copy of that rare (now out of print) fly-fishing cult classic titled, “Castwork” (co-authored by yours truly and Andrew Steketee), for the caption to this shot of guide Katy Melo emptying his filled waders the not-so-traditional way goes to…


Fishman 24, who wrote “Man, I really have to stop doing these one-fly tournaments.” I have fished enough one-flies and ended up in similar poses to appreciate that.

For Tim’ “Old Man and the Kayak” image, the winner of two-dozen Stu’s Superior Flies straight from New Zealand (and I already explained why these are really good), the winner is…


Diane Boyle-Mather, who says this is, “What leprechauns do when they’re not chasing rainbows!”

And our second-prize winner of the Jumping Fish Pendant from Tight Lines Jewelry is Flo Mims who wrote “Riding the Surf and Slathered in Turf.”

Well done, all of you. Please contact me at and I will hook up the prizes.