Another interesting trend I noticed to be gaining momentum at the recent International Fly Tackle Dealer trade show in Orlando is the propensity for manufacturers to not only get behind a cause (like conservation, veterans support, women’s health, etc.), but also to integrate that into the products they make.

Sure, there have been pink rods and reels that serve a number of super-worthy causes like Casting for Recovery. TU and other conservation groups have worked on projects like this for years also. But nowadays, it seems like if a company doesn’t have at least one product that specifically supports a cause, they’re missing the boat.

Take, for example, the limited edition run of Simms G3 Waders with a camo upper and patch, some proceeds from which will benefit Warriors & Quiet Waters. They’re the same reliable G3 waders, but they serve a program that helps veterans from our Armed Services find solace through fly fishing.

Then there’s this limited edition Hatch Outdoors “Finatic” reel, that sold out immediately in support of the Turneffe Atoll Trust in Belize. I see more, and more product like this every day, and expect more in the future.

Because “putting back” is the right thing to do. Most anglers I know are willing to pay an extra few bucks if they know that money is going to a good cause. And if they’re left with a unique product that stands out in some way that says, “I care” then so much the better.

There’s no pressure, of course, and anglers can take solace in the fact that by participating, and buying licenses alone, they do more to support fishing habitat in the country than anyone else does. But keep an eye out for more of these products, because you are going to see a lot more options, in limited run quantities.