I have to admit that I usually do not carry a camera with me when I fish. Part of the reason for that is that I’ve never been a big fan of the grip-n-grin, and have never mastered the selfie with fish.

The other part is that I am spoiled. Often, when I know I am going to a really great place where there will be epic fishing, I don’t take a camera.

I take a Timmy. As in Tim Romano.

Problem is, after he gets all these cool shots of fish that I slave away all day to catch for his benefit, he usually wants to sell them to me! Can you imagine the lack of gratitude? Sometimes I can trade gear or beer for them.

Of course, I am not always lucky enough to take a Timmy with me, so I do shoot with my own cameras. Mostly for my own note-taking purposes, so I can remember what I saw when I write the stories. Sometimes a decent shot makes its way into a magazine, or onto Fly Talk (like the mountain shot from my last post and all the Dean River shots lately).

I’m now shooting a Nikon DSLR, but I find that I must choose to either shoot photos or fish. I cannot multi-task like Romano can. If I’m going to shoot the right way, switch lenses, and all of that, I can’t be carrying a fishing rod. And If I’m fishing, I don’t like to wear a heavy pack with a camera and lenses.

So, since I like to fish more than I like to photograph, the camera usually sits in a dry bag in the boat or on the shore, and I never touch it.

I take a surprising amount of fish photos with my iPhone. This shot from Iceland of a big brown trout was taken with an iPhone. I think I could do a whole fishing feature someday with only an iPhone, but I probably wouldn’t tell anybody the story behind that story.

Or maybe I already have, and you just don’t know about it…