After spending years in this industry, visiting tons of lodges, fishing with many many guides, and hanging and sleeping in guides quarters on photo shoots, you hear a lot of stories about clients, or “sports” as the parlance goes on the guide side. Many times these yarns come back to that age-old question about tips. How much, how little, how often do you tip your guide? I’ve heard stories of guides getting $1,000 tips, clients handing them a rod and reel at the end of a day, getting invited on their next exotic trip, etc. It goes on and on. While some clients can be a pain in the arse, most as far as I can tell are very generous people.

A few weeks ago my friend Robert Younghanz, who some of you might know as THE BUG GUY shared a story about a tip he received from a client from Texas whom he had taken out for a day here in Colorado. It’s wasn’t monetary, but rather a very rare 1849 first edition copy of Hewett Wheatley’s, The Rod and Line. Like I mentioned I’ve heard of some really amazing tips, but this has to be one of the most thoughtful, amazing tips I’ve ever heard of.

What about you? Have you ever tipped a guide something other than money? Ever heard of anything like this?