Every now and then I seem to stumble across an item or accessory in the fishing wold like the Drone fish finder that makes me question just what the inventors were thinking. Products that make you do a double take and question the inventors sanity.

According to this little piece by the, “One Texas angler solved his problems associated with cutting fishing line by creating a cutter in a ring – That’s right, a ring that you wear on your finger.”

The “Line Cutterz Ring” is a velcro adjustable ring that cuts your line on either side of the ring. I can’t imagine that this dude really had a “problem” finding something to cut his line. Call me crazy, but doesn’t your pocket knife, pliers, nippers, or even your teeth do the exact same thing. I mean do we really need a clunky piece of jewelry that we’ve gotta wear to go fishing?

I could be in the minority though here as it seems that his kickstarted project was funded to the tune of $14K and he does now have a website.

What do you all say? Is this thing a sign that the apocalypse is upon us or would you actually use this?