I love maps. I use them a lot for my fishing adventures and can stare at them for hours. Maps are how many of my fishing adventures have come about. Simply looking at topo maps with a few buddies, a couple of beers, suddenly finding a body of water, how it’s connected with others and boom, a plan is hatched to get there and check it out. Recently I was doing a little research just like that for a float trip I’m taking in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Montana later this summer and I stumbled upon the map above in the by Reddit user WESTCOASTBESTCOAST94. You’ll notice the white blob in the upper north west corner of the state? That’s the Bob Marshall Wilderness and is one of the areas most devoid of roads anywhere in our country. Take a look at the absolutely amazing map, done by the same person, showing almost every road in the United Sates. There aren’t many white blobs. Especially east of the Mississippi…

The author at the Missoulian goes on to say, “The United States has about 4 million miles of public roads. According to federal highway statistics, 97 percent of the continental U.S. is less than three miles away from a road. Eighty-three percent lies within half a mile. A recent analysis prepared by the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University looked at the unroaded areas of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming—three states with the least population density short of Alaska—and found that 16 percent of their combined territory qualified as essentially roadless. The study included national parks, which do have some roads.”

Chew on that one for a while… Do yourself a favor and check out the piece over at the Missoulian and zoom in and scroll around the map of the entire US. There, I wasted a good 15 minutes of your overly productive day. Enjoy.