I finally did it. I finally convinced my wife to let me buy a drift boat. I’ve been waiting 20 years for this. Granted, I’ve had rafts and other boats over the years, but I have always wanted a dory.

And the one I picked is the kind that’s worth waiting for. I chose a Boulder Boat Works Pro Guide High Side drift boat. TU Edition, of course. It’s being made right up the road from me in Colorado right now. Two things ultimately led me to the Boulder Boat Works option: 1) I’m going to row some lumpy, rocky rivers, and I love the way this boat turns and tracks. 2) The hull is made with a special polymer that is extremely durable and resistant to nicks and bumps. Of course, I love the finishes, the detail, the overall classic look. I cannot wait to load my son and Mrs. D in it and head downstream. (It is -9 here right now… a guy needs to think happy spring fishing thoughts.)

So I need a name for this new river chariot. If you can give me the winner, I’ll float you down the river in this thing for a day. All you have to do is get to Colorado. If you can’t swing that, I’ll send you something else.

Help me out, please.